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How to Make Mobile Strategy Decisions that Match Customer Expectations

Each week, new mobile devices appear with various screen sizes, pixel densities, input types and other features. Creating great mobile experiences customers really want is rife with constraints, challenges, and new opportunities. Customers expect to ask for information and get an instant result. This is called the mobile mindshift.  

Customers are demanding that you meet their expectations, making any desired information or service available, on any appropriate device, at a moment’s notice. You have an opportunity to reduce the chasm between what they want and what they get.

Starting to develop a mobile strategy can be an overwhelming task. To harness mobile platforms, ask yourself these questions:Which people in my organization need to be involved in creating and implementing a mobile strategy?

Those identified will need to start with a strong understanding of technology capabilities and must be willing to keep up with constant changes in technologies and mobile user habits.
Why is going mobile important for your business?

Customers are no longer chained to their PCs or Macs to perform Internet searches. People are constantly on the go, and mobile apps are being developed for myriad needs. But creating a mobile app for the sake of being on the cutting edge is not a strategy for success. Is going mobile going to expand your reach and engage an audience through multiple channels?

What is it that your customers are seeking this very moment?

You need to know the information your customers want so that you can meet their expectations on a mobile device. Creating a mobile app or website puts your services and products at the fingertips of a mass mobile audience that already wants what you have.How do you want to deliver mobile content?

Create a detailed roadmap that aligns with what you want to accomplish, who you are serving and what devices they are using. Know who your audience is and how they are using mobile devices to determine whether a mobile website or native app best fits their needs.

What would make implementing a mobile strategy a success?

There are many ways to measure success. What’s important to your organization? Is it the number of app downloads or subscriptions or increased engagement and customer satisfaction?

Depending on your specific business, there will be other factors to consider, but understanding the answers to these questions will get your mobile strategy planning in motion.

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