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Supporting IT Infrastructure Today

As technology continues to evolve and become essential to the success of any business, the services that keep that technology infrastructure up and running need to evolve as well. The complexity and diversity of today’s technology requires every growing organization to have access to extremely specialized skills which are themselves changing at an exponential rate.

Significant innovation continues in the field of information technologies and practices driven by the volume, velocity and variety of information and the huge amount of value inside this information. This growth in data and new information use cases makes IT infinitely more challenging going forward than it has been in the past.

Consider the following basic infrastructure needs of the modern, growing company:

  • Groupware (collaboration software that facilitates calendar sharing and e-mail to help people achieve common tasks)
  • Consumer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Order Management and Fulfillment (eCommerce)
  • Digital Marketing (search engine optimization, e-mail and mobile)
  • BYOD Support (employees who bring their own devices, such as smartphones, laptops and PDAs, to the workplace for use and connectivity with the corporate network)
  • Accounting Software (records and processes for accounting transactions within functional modules, such as accounts payable, accounts receivable and payroll)

Central to success is a technology infrastructure that helps information producers and information consumers organize, share and exchange any type of data and content, anytime, anywhere. Because it must support a wide range of information uses and types, it is essential to develop today’s infrastructure strategically with a vision of cohesive, aligned growth over time.

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