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3 Things No Employee Can Do For You

Technology is becoming the face for every brand and business in the world. In fact, 90% of mobile users are using their devices to do their research and price comparisons prior to making a purchase. Apps are leading in engagement by commanding over 86% of the time spent on mobile. Knowing that customers and prospective customers will view your company online, great companies invest in great technology, the same way they invest in great talent. There are three things great technology can do for you that even your best human talent can’t.

  1. Promote Your Brand 24/7

Humans are living organisms. They need to sleep, eat, take coffee breaks, use the bathroom, check Facebook, and they typically only work for a certain window of hours. Technology on the other hand, has none of those needs or responsibilities.

Technology is constantly available. It never takes a break, comes in late, or leaves early to pick up the kids from daycare. Technology works the night shift, it works on weekends, it works on holidays, and it doesn’t ever have to stay home because of the weather.

Technology always has a smile and a freshly pressed shirt. It can demonstrate to the world the best your brand has to offer every hour of every day. Technology can deliver to your customers the level of consistency that’s necessary for them to become loyal advocates of your brand.

2. Handle All Issues Without Bringing it Up the Ladder

Handling service disruptions and reducing customer effort are two key components to building brand loyalty. Technology is capable of doing both of these effortlessly.

Technology does not need to ask for help and it does not need to ask for permission. Technology can make learning about and interacting with your brand a great pleasure. It can guarantee that your customers have a great experience and can take customer feedback or a defect in the product or service and move it through a consistent, pre-defined process for delivering a resolution.

In today’s marketplace, speed is everything. Customers do not want to wait for their voices to be heard or their issues to be resolved, especially when the source of agitation is not their fault. Customers want to interact with decision-makers, they do not want to tell their story more than once, and they do not want to feel overlooked or passed around. Technology can be a decision maker when built correctly.

Technology can be leveraged to guarantee that every customer has an easy-to-use, unique and special experience, 100% of the time.

3. Consistently Come to Work with a Great Attitude

Technology never has an argument with a parent or spouse, it never loses a pet, or gets yelled at by the boss. Technology never has a break up or a bad hair day. It never spills its coffee or forgets its lunch at home. 

Technology adopts the attitude that it’s given and consistently delivers that reflection of the brand in perpetuity. Whomever is interacting with your customer must be able to deliver your brand promise. Technology, when built correctly, will never fail you in that.

Now, we are in no way suggesting to get rid of all of your team members today and replace them instead with technology or software services. However, when implemented correctly, your technology has the ability to make your already functional team more productive, efficient, and lucrative for your company. Instead of thinking of this relationship as “man vs machine”, think of it as a collaboration in order to deliver your customers the best and most enjoyable user experience possible. Let the technology do the heavy lifting and let your people focus on adding a human touch when appropriate.

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