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The Marketer’s New Clothes

It is an exciting time to be a marketer. Companies big and small are figuring out just how important technology experiences are to their brands. They are creating Chief Experience Officer roles, hiring UI/UX directors, and are chartering CMOs with a say in product and portal development more than ever before.

The role of marketing used to be to twofold: Generate leads and build your brand. While measuring lead generation is relatively easy, measuring brand building is much more difficult.

The art of brand building has made a dramatic shift since the dawn of the Internet—made even more personal and valuable with the adoption of mobile technologies. Marketers now have a duty to their companies to ensure and measure the impact that every technology touch point has on their customers across the entire customer lifecycle, and demand that the experience aligns with their brand. Indeed, every technology touch point you have with customers is an opportunity to improve the reputation of your brand—or damage it.

The marketer’s role is evolving to ensure that their company is taking customers on a journey from brand awareness through brand loyalty toward brand advocacy. The holy grail of marketing in every business is now to earn brand advocacy, and there is no better marketing tool than a raving fan who is willing to publicly endorse, support, and talk about your product online or otherwise. After all, the world is shrinking with social networks and search engines, and people trust each other far more than they trust traditional marketing.

The best way to make an impact on your organization as a marketer is to defend the brand you are building using digital experiences that are worthy of that brand. Marketing is no longer about putting a fresh coat of paint on your brand. It’s about defending what your brand is about and earning brand advocates in the market through fast, valuable, and relevant experiences.

So how are your marketing initiatives moving, touching, and inspiring your customers?

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