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Expanding knowledge through virtual and live experiences

UI Best Practices

UI Best Practices is a free virtual workshop led by ITX‘s Nancy Neumann, Vice President of Interaction Design, and Christina Halladay, UX Director. Hosted by NextCorps.

INDUSTRY Global 2022

Sean Flaherty speaking at the stage of Industry

INDUSTRY Global Product Conference in Cleveland, Ohio is among the world’s largest and most significant assemblies of product leaders. ITX EVP of Innovation, Sean Flaherty, was invited to keynote and lead two workshops. ITX was proud to be a sponsor this year.

Sean Flaherty speaking at the stage of Industry

ITX Product + Design Conference 2022

The event was held in Rochester, NY on Thursday, June 23 and Friday, June 24.

It was two days packed with workshops and keynotes led by some of the best minds in the product and design industries.

Accessible Design is My Passion: The Most Common Errors in Digital Products

Join Director of UX Christina Halladay in this conversation surrounding Accessibility and UX Design. With Susana Pallero and Silvia Marquez, viewers will understand the difference between accessibility and usability in the UX Design world, discover why classic design frameworks need to be expanded for accessibility, and learn the most common mistakes and misconceptions in design around accessibility. Presented during 24 Hours of UX 2022 in partnership with Dalat.

Build a Superior Product in 2021

ITX Paychex Superior Product Webinar

Learn the new design sprint playbook used to delight millions of users and hear how design leaders at Fortune 1000 company Paychex and ITX work through problems large and small. Watch now

ITX Paychex Superior Product Webinar

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