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Product Inclusion in Practice: A New

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eBook Overview

As software professionals, we have a responsibility to design accessible products.

But what does it take to create equitable user experiences?  

ITX is committed to making accessibility a non-negotiable part of our software development services. However, to move, touch, and inspire the world, we need to walk the walk with inclusive design.  

This meant creating with a whole new 

After publishing our Getting Started With Product Inclusion eBook, we asked CPACC-certified Accessibility Solutions Specialist Susi Pallero to audit our website. She identified our accessibility flaws. With a to-do list in hand, we reimagined to be accessible to all people.  

Product Inclusion in Practice: A New is a transparent look into our website redesign journey. In this downloadable resource, you’ll read about: 

  • Our accessibility audit and WCAG 2.1 flaws
  • The process of creating an inclusive style guide 
  • Designs for our visual and interactive site elements 
  • The anatomy of an accessible content block 
  • How you can join us as we commit to learning more 

Download Our eBook

We’re here to be your travel companion as you start your accessibility journey. Download our guide for an inside look into our website transformation. If you need a hand along the way or are interested in a product inclusion consultation, contact us at [email protected]. 

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Getting Started with Product Inclusion

Product inclusion is the competitive advantage your business may be missing. Learn what this people-first business imperative is and why it’s mission critical for every business.