Product Conference Ignites Momentum in Software Product Community

As markets shift with end user needs and preferences, product people respond. The pace at which problems are solved is exceeded only by the next round of challenges that rush in to replace them. This unrelenting cycle generates two kinds of momentum: first, at the micro level, product teams generate momentum by aligning around a Vision and Roadmap that are brought to life by Motivated teams who have the Capability to solve complex technology problems.

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Setting , Pursuing, and Reaching Goals: Implementing OKRs with Christina Wodtke

Success is the most highly valued commodity in the business world, though it can mean different things to different people depending on circumstance. Regardless of how you define it, where does success come from without goals? Working hard toward an unclear target is like fishing in a puddle – trying to make a catch where there’s nothing to be caught. A business without well-articulated goals won’t be a business for long.

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