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Too Many Choices Paralyze Buyers

Consumer research shows that the American consumer is suffering from choice fatigue. A study found that too many choices actually frustrates shoppers. Especially in the world of online sales, people are in a hurry and will not wade through too many options.

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5 Conversion Techniques You Can’t Live Without

Your conversion rate is a measure of the number of potential customers who go on to buy. In the context of a website, it is usually the percentage of visitors who make a purchase. Many websites concentrate solely on increasing the number of visitors they draw. However, these sites often have fairly simple problems that can be addressed to increase the conversion rate and improve the bottom line at minimal expense.

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Taking Your Website Strategy Mobile

The online world changes constantly. One of the new catchphrases floating around in the community is “responsive design.” Responsive design refers to a website resizing automatically depending on the device or resolution the visitor is using.

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The Mobile Testing Challenge

Mobile adds new complexities to developing high-quality solutions. A very large number of phones, screen sizes and versions of mobile operating systems exist, and each is unique.

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Does Your Content Travel Well?

One of the most attractive things about smartphones is their ability to provide connectivity anywhere. Marketers are missing the opportunity to hook more smartphone users simply because the content they want to access doesn’t travel well over the channels consumers use on their mobile devices.

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